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Cigar Frog's Home

Martha & Joe Dunham

Midlanders need a quiet place to go after the symphony or theater where they can talk and have a glass of beer or wine," said Mrs. Dunham, an accountant.

"Come enjoy our tropical atmosphere with overstuffed furniture and a humidor where the cigars are kept." Notwithstanding the men's club decor, cigar bars have long since surrendered their "men only" status because cigar makers like Perdomo, Victor Sinclair, Cohiba, Arturo Fuente, Padron, CAO, Punch and Excalibur have an increasing number of women afficiandos, including Mrs. Dunham.

"Cigar Frogs compliments the restaurants we have downtown and stay open until midnight Monday through Saturday," she said. "We've bought a $30,000 state-of-the-art ventilation system and a player piano to complement the local musicians who will play piano and acoustic guitars."

Her husband, a real estate investor who sold three drycleaning shops in Odessa five years ago and owns the Pets at Peace Cemetery on Business 20, has spent more than $300,000 to make it a prototype cigar bar, though imported cigarettes will be sold, along with stogies costing from $4 to $30 each.

For a $600 annual membership, you will have a locker in the humidor and admittance to the members only room. Behind the 2,500 square foot interior is a 1,000 square foot patio with firepit tables featuring gas burners and lava rocks to thwart cold weather.

The city of Midland has approved the presence of 200 people inside and 50 on the patio, but indoor seating will be limited to 30-40, Dunham said.

A 5-foot-tall Senor Sapo will greet you at the entrance and a more compact gentleman, sporting a maroon ascot, supports all the tables.

When asked the characteristics of a good cigar, Dunham said, "That it's well rolled and has a good blend of aged tobaccos.

"It's a personal preference. I like a medium. You're not supposed to inhale the smoke. It's meant to be savored like a fine wine."

Although cigars range widely in price, Dunham said good quality may be obtained for $8 to $10.

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Name: martin contreras
Date: 11/13/2012
Message: sign me up..

Name: Cynthia Teller
Date: 09/01/2012
Message: Always have a great time, and here again from NM and will be in this weekend..but still want to buy the amazing tin lamp in the reading room. Great furniture. Cynthia Teller

Name: Chris&Cara
Date: 08/22/2012
Message: One of our favorite spots! The laid back atmosphere is really great for unwinding on the weekend.

Name: Robert
Date: 06/26/2012
Message: Couldnt ask for a more relaxing place to go and enjoy a friday/saturday with friends. Cigar frogs is my favorite place to go and just relax

Name: Kathy White
Date: 06/14/2012
Message: I very much enjoyed the opening of the art show. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Joe and Martha and Stacy for letting me display my art. I love Cigar Frogs and wish I lived closer so I could enjoy it more often.

Name: Kurt & Lisa White
Date: 05/21/2012
Message: Kathy White, my sister-n-law, is amazing and thank you so much for making her Artist of the Month for June 2012! She deserves it! She has so much talent!

Date: 04/19/2012
Message: Patrick Henry Booth sent me.

Name: Kevin Lawson
Date: 03/23/2012
Message: I love this place the staff and the Cigars are top notch

Name: Jim
Date: 03/10/2012
Message: Hands down the nicest establishment in Midland to enjoy dames, diversions, & a fine cigar! Joe, Martha, & Stacy are top shelf! I recommend Cigar Frogs to all alpha-males & ladies, you will be as comfy as if you are sitting in your own living room! See you tonight!

Name: Stubbs McGee
Date: 02/20/2012
Message: Spent a few days in Midland for business, spent a wonderful Friday night here, then took advice and ate the Saturday Morning Brunch at the bar. Wow Midland is a pretty cool place!

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